New residences in Venice
New residences in Venice

The context

Ca’ Maddalena is in Rio Terà della Maddalena at numbers 2339 and 2341 in the Cannaregio district, in the full historic center of Venice, and is spread over 4 floors above ground.

The property overlooks one of the most important pedestrian arteries of the lagoon city ‘Strada Nova’ which forms the main road axis of the Cannaregio district and connects the Santa Lucia railway station with Rialto. The opposite side to the one on Strada Nova overlooks Rio dei Servi, where a water door allows access to the property by private boats. The building is located approximately 1000 m from the Santa Lucia railway station, 1300 m from Piazzale Roma and approximately 600 m from the Rialto Bridge. A short distance away is the San Marcuola water public transport (vaporetto) stop, located on the Grand Canal.



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The project

Charm of the 1600s and contemporary quality

The date of construction of the building is not certain, but from a historical and iconographic analysis, there are already traces in the famous view of Venice by De Barbarians; moreover, the property is depicted – albeit with slightly different characteristics – in some engravings by Coronelli and Zucchi which reproduce the adjacent Palazzo Donà in Santa Fosca.

The development project provides for the formation of 9 residential units with pertinent warehouses on the ground floor; of these nine units, six are serviced by an elevator. The renovation project also included important structural improvement and energy saving works.

All the apartments have Venetian terrazzo floors in the living area and wooden floors in the sleeping area, underfloor heating and air conditioning. The water and winter air conditioning systems are shared with meters for each unit.
All units are equipped with an induction hob.

In addition to the two pedestrian accesses from Rio Terà della Maddalena, there is a maritime access from Rio dei Servi via a water gate.

The housing units


Corner Casa
Cannaregio 325 (Guglie)
Tel: +39 041 5240883

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